Slingo Airways

Your seat number is... Slingo!

Slingo at Gate 5

Welcome aboard Slingo Airways, where all Slingo enthusiasts are invited for the flight of a lifetime! Prepare for an extraordinary adventure as we combine the thrill of Slingo with the world of aviation. This instant win version of the renowned Slingo formula will leave your eyes bulging with the possibility of winning up to 10,000 times your bet! Our ingenious game formula continues the Slingo tradition of blending the excitement of bingo and scratch cards. Your mission is to cross off 5 numbers in a row to achieve a slingo. Each slingo you earn will reward you with a token for one of our 7 exotic destinations. And if you manage to collect 3 tokens for a single location, you’ll discover a fantastic prize awaiting you upon disembarking the plane. With a rapid pace that’s dictated only by you, this instant win format guarantees a gaming experience that will delight real money gaming fans.

Prepare for Takeoff Towards Wins!

It’s time to begin your journey by boarding Slingo Airways. Select your stake, fasten your seatbelt, and press ‘Start Game’ to embark on an unforgettable trip. You’ll have 9 spins at your disposal to match the numbers on the grid with those on the reel. Achieving a slingo will earn you a token, and collecting 3 tokens for a single location will unlock an instant casino chips prize that will have you celebrating in the clouds!

A Familiar Crew to Guide You

As you traverse the skies toward delightful destinations and wondrous wins, you’ll encounter some familiar faces who are here to enhance your Slingo Airways experience. Let’s meet our crew members and their incredible abilities:

  • Joker: This skilled crew member has the power to mark off any number from the column above, ensuring a smoother journey to victory.
  • Free Spins: Consider them your in-flight refreshments! These generous offerings provide you with an extra spin to keep the excitement soaring.
  • Devil: Be wary of this mischievous character, as they have the ability to block potential matches on the grid.

A Memorable Win in the Skies!

Slingo Airways not only boasts these incredible features, but it also offers you the freedom to purchase unlimited extra spins. This means your holiday and flights can last as long as you desire, leaving you with nothing but wonderful memories and exhilarating wins.
So fasten your seatbelts, prepare for takeoff, and let Slingo Airways whisk you away on an unforgettable adventure through the skies. Your destination? Unparalleled entertainment and the chance to win big!

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