Slingo Ante Up

Uppin' the Ante!

Get Ready to Roll the Dice and Take the Plunge

Get ready! We’re on a journey to Vegas in Slingo Ante Up! Each game grants you 10 spins, but you can customize your experience by choosing more or fewer spins to suit your budget. Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey to the heart of the Slingo dream. The number of spins you select will determine your chances of winning, so immerse yourself in the entertainment capital of the world, where vibrant neon lights will guide you to a rendezvous with Lady Luck. It’s time to raise the stakes and amp up the excitement!

Welcome to the City of Spins!

Now that you’ve got Vegas at your fingertips, the power to dictate the volatility of this game is yours. Choose between 9 and 16 spins, with the total bet reflecting the base stake you’ve selected and the likelihood of winning each prize. Purchase the ticket and embark on the adventure! Prizes are contingent upon the number of slingos completed and can be viewed on the pay ladder situated to the left of the 5×5 grid.

Ante Up, the fast-paced game that mirrors Vegas itself, will leave you on the edge of your seat. Spins are automatically played out, and matching numbers will be pulled from the grid until a wild or super wild symbol lands on the slot reel. Then, it’s your chance to select the number that gets eliminated from the grid. It’s absolutely “f-ante-abulous”!

Are you ante-cipating a good time?

As always, you can expect some classic Slingo features to add pizzazz to your game. These special symbols will assist you in achieving number matches on the grid and infuse a touch of razzle dazzle into your experience. It’s pure goodness, Vegas-style!

  • Wild: When a joker symbol lands on the reel, you can mark off a number from the column above.
  • Super Joker: Grants you the power to eliminate a number from anywhere in the grid.
  • Free Spin: Awards you an extra spin.

But, in true Vegas fashion, it’s not all smooth sailing. Beware of the “ante-christ” in the form of blockers, which stand in your way and prevent potential matches on the grid. No sympathy for the devil…

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