Slingo Berserk

Cut your way to prizes, wins, and glory.

Behold the great Slingo saga

Rally the longships and set sail in search of adventure. Play Slingo Berserk, where Vikings aim to plunder the Slingo grid for glorious wins. Go berserk on the 5×5 grid and mark off numbers until you manage to grab yourself a Slingo! Cash prizes will be among the loot available to you should you plunder enough slingos. Four jackpots are ready for the taking should you dare to boldly sail your longships to foreign shores.

A Grand Saga Awaits

Prepare your Viking vessel, gather your crew, and get ready to embark on a thrilling Slingo adventure! Set your stake, then give the slot reel a mighty spin to mark numbers off your glorious 5×5 grid. The goal? Achieve a triumphant slingo by crossing off 5 numbers in a row! As you conquer the grid, bountiful cash prizes shall be bestowed upon you, depending on the number of slingos you conquer.

Friends & Allies

Beware! Blockers will try to prevent you from succeeding in your quest and prevent matches along your grid.

Fear not, however, the gods smile upon you and have sent you allies to help on your quest! Jokers allow you to mark any number off the column and get some slingos. Not only that! Every time you get a Joker, a coin will soar into the treasure chest, offering you a chance to experience the fantastic Jackpot Game.

The greatest prize of all awaits you in the legendary Jackpot Bonus. Choose wisely from the shimmering coins that lay before you, and witness as they unveil the magnificent Mini, Minor, Mega, and Major icons. Should fate favor you and reveal three matching icons, the gods shall smile upon you, and you shall claim that illustrious jackpot win!

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