Slingo Big Wheel

Big wheel, bigger wins!

The Game Show Extravaganza!

Step right up, folks! Get ready for the wheel deal, as we present a game show-inspired Slingo variant that adds an exciting spin to the classic Slingo mechanic. If you crave the thrills of high volatility games, then this is the ultimate must-play experience. Once you unlock the wheel, its prize values skyrocket with each subsequent Slingo you achieve. Brace yourselves for the maximum win multiplier that will leave you spinning with a jaw-dropping 2500x your bet! The wheel has a boost section that propels you to higher levels with ever more enticing prizes, and when you land on the super wheel segment, prepare for the top-value wheel extravaganza. It’s time to push it wheel good and aim for the win of a lifetime!

Wheel, what are you waiting for?

Can you unleash the power of the Big Wheel? There’s only one way to find out: Spin the slot reel and mark off those numbers on the Slingo grid. Your mission is to get 5 numbers in a row to achieve a Slingo. Keep your eyes on the prize as the incredible Big Wheel takes center stage, visible to the left of the screen. A message below the Slingo reel will guide your way, revealing how many Slingos you need to unlock the wheel. Will you hit the mark and unlock the wheel of fortune? The anticipation is unbe-wheel-able, and the prizes are waiting to be claimed!

Spin to Win and Let the Wheel Decide

If you’re fortunate enough to unlock the Big Wheel, it’s time to spin your way to riches! Each subsequent Slingo you achieve boosts the potential prize amounts on the wheel, adding to the thrill and anticipation. The moment of truth arrives at the end of the base game, as the wheel comes to life. Will Lady Luck be by your side? A spin of the wheel will determine your fate. If it lands on “lose,” the game ends, but fear not! If the wheel favors you and lands on a prize, that amount is yours to celebrate. But wait, there’s more! The “Boost” section takes you to the next level wheel, unlocking even greater prizes, while the “Super Wheel” segment sends you soaring to the top level wheel, where sensational rewards await.

Special Symbols

As you strive to unlock the Big Wheel, keep your eyes peeled for special symbols on the Slingo reel that can lend you a helping hand:

  • Wild: allows you to mark off any number from the column above
  • Super Wild: allows you to mark off any number from the grid
  • Free Spin: awards an extra spin
  • Extra Spins to Keep the Wheel Turning!

If the Big Wheel remains elusive, fear not! You have the option to purchase up to 40 extra spins at the end of the game. It’s your chance to keep the wheel spinning and grab that prize. The choice is yours, and the excitement is palpable!

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