Slingo Carnival Bonus

The great celebration of Slingo, spins, and fun!

Step Right Up for the Slingo Spectacle!

The Slingo spectacular has arrived in town, brimming with games and delights. Seize some sugary clouds of candy floss and meander past the vibrant booths, where you might stumble upon the Bottle Toss Bonus, Balloon Popper Bonus, Coaster Climb Bonus, and an abundance of surprises! Slingo Carnival stands tall as one of the most engrossing Slingo Originals, beckoning players on a thrilling journey filled with reminiscent moments of the carnival – and with any luck, some delectable triumphs. Bursting with interactivity and a touch of nostalgia, Slingo Carnival is an enchanting online gaming innovation that simply cannot be missed.

Join the fun and take a spin

Choose your wager and hit the ‘START GAME’ button to venture into the fairgrounds and partake in the action. You have 10 spins to match numbers on the reel with those on the grid. Achieve 5 marked numbers in a row, and you’ll secure a “slingo” and ascend the ladder on the left, granting you the opportunity to revel in those extraordinary bonus games.

Stop clowning around!

Familiar Slingo characters have journeyed with the carnival to lend you a helping hand. Keep an eye out for the Devil, for he will hinder potential matches on your grid.

  • Joker: Crosses out any number in the column above.
  • Super Joker: Crosses out any number in the entire grid.
  • Free Spin: Adds an extra spin to your total.

Choose a Toy Bonus

A modest yet impactful “Pick Me” bonus, select one of the three toys displayed on your screen to claim a prize.

  • Target Time Bonus¬† – 50 targets whirl into view, unveiling winning values. You have the chance to engage in 4 rounds, where the multiplier amounts progressively escalate from x0.5 to x5 and x10.
  • Bottle Toss Bonus – A timeless carnival favorite, this interactive bonus grants you 3 throws to uncover win values ranging from x1 to x5. Certain bottles also reveal additional balls, granting you more attempts to aim for a prize. If you manage to topple all the bottles with 2 or more balls remaining, your total win will triple, while a single ball remaining will double the overall winnings.
  • Balloon Popper Bonus – May this bonus not burst your bubble! You’ll receive 4 throws to reveal multiplier amounts, varying from x1 to x5. Some balloons also contain extra darts. If you successfully pop all the balloons with 3 or more darts remaining, your total win will quadruple, while popping them all with 2 darts left will triple the total winnings. And if only 1 dart remains? Your total win will be doubled.
  • Coaster Climb Bonus – This bonus will have you screaming with delight! Spin the wheel to ascend the roller coaster until you hit “collect,” and you’ll secure the prize amount indicated. Throw your hands in the air…
  • Log Ride Bonus – An exhilarating twist on the Coaster Climb Bonus, the multiplier amounts soar all the way up to x1000 in this game. Spin the wheel and ascend the log flume, claiming the value where you land when you hit “collect.”
  • Whirl Winnings Bonus – Head on over to the circus tent, where 12 multipliers are twirling in unison. The value that aligns above the arrow shall be yours to keep – which one will it be?

Your limitless ticket to the Carnival

Are you relishing the merry atmosphere of the fair? There’s no limit to the number of extra spins you can acquire once your initial 10 spins conclude, allowing you to snag additional tickets to the Carnival and vie for those enticing prizes.

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