Slingo Fire and Ice

So hot it's cool!

Twice the Sizzle. Twice the Freeze.

Prepare for a blazing adventure that’ll send shivers down your spine! With both a scorching-hot red and a chill-tastic blue grid coming together you’re in for a sensational showdown. The symbols on the slot reel come in three variations: red, blue, or a captivating mix of both. When a symbol matches its color, it eliminates numbers in the corresponding grid. Not only that, the mixed ark off numbers on both grids. Complete Slingos on the red grid to climb the multiplier ladder, and conquer Slingos on the blue grid to ascend the pay ladder, where the multipliers reign supreme. And let’s not forget about the jaw-dropping fixed jackpots up for grabs. With intense volatility and non-stop action, Fire and Ice takes Slingo to unprecedented thermodynamic heights!

Blazing Jackpot Blaze

Ready to ignite the excitement? If you manage to achieve a vertical Slingo across both grids, that reel blazes into the Jackpot reel for the remaining spins. Only three symbols can land on this inferno of a reel:

  • Blue Gem: Unleashes the blue fixed jackpot, bringing you a refreshing jolt of delight.
  • Red Gem: Grants the red fixed jackpot, setting your anticipation on fire.
  • Blank: It’s a dud. Nothing to see here. Let’s move on.

Once a reel claims a jackpot, it locks in place for the rest of the spins. You can win up to five jackpots in a single game, so keep those fireballs coming and hope for the perfect match to keep the flames alive. If you achieve a full house, the remaining spins keep the fire roaring, and extra spins are provided to help you seize those fixed jackpots. The game only ends when you’ve achieved a full house and claimed all five jackpots. It’s smoking hot, my friend!

Chill-tastic Reel Symbols

Our reel symbols are as cool as can be, with a dash of frozen delight. Numbers and Wilds embrace both red and blue, like an icy love affair. You can choose to eliminate any number from the column above a Wild’s reel position. How refreshingly cool is that? The color of each symbol corresponds to its respective grid, so red numbers wipe out numbers on the red grid, and red Wilds allow you to erase any number from the column above them on the red grid. Blue numbers and Wilds do the same on the blue grid. Keep an eye out for Free Spin symbols, granting an extra spin, while Blockers may momentarily freeze your progress. Brrr, it’s chilly in here!

Extra Spins to Keep the Flames Alive

When the game reaches its thrilling finale, fear not, for you can reignite the flames by purchasing extra spins. We’ve got separate SPIN buttons for the red and blue grids, and each one displays the price for the next spin and the potential wins for its respective grid. Ignite the excitement and go for that scorching victory!

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