Slingo Gems

Put some sparkle in your shine.

Get Ready for Slingo-pulence on the Reels.

Gaming Realms has taken great pride in its collaborations to craft the Slingo games library. However, none fills us with more pride than our recent partnership with the esteemed American Cancer Society (ACS). We are confident that the result, Slingo Gems, will captivate your senses. It is an honor to add this gem to our treasury.

Slingo Gems promises to sprinkle your gameplay with a dash of radiance. Just remember, don’t let the bling and sparkle blind you – your keen eyesight will be essential when spinning those reels!

You will be tasked with marking off numbers on the grid, and achieving 5 marks in a row, column, or diagonal will bestow upon you a Slingo. With each Slingo, you ascend the pay ladder, securing a prize along the way. You may even be fortunate enough to claim a gem-tastically generous 500 times your bet!

Illuminate the room like a dazzling diamond

Don’t fret, for those beloved Slingo features that have become our hallmark are brilliantly enhanced with a gem-inspired twist.

  • Jokers: Illuminate a number in the column above.
  • Super Jokers: Illuminate a number on the grid itself.
  • Free Spin: Unlock an additional spin.
  • Devils: Ensnare potential matches in their clutches.
  • Coins: Unveil an instant casino chips prize.

Extra Spins

You shall have the pleasure of 11 spins to savour. Worry not, however: when the game reaches its conclusion, you shall have the opportunity to purchase 8 extra spins, extending the merriment.

Joker Bonus

Our jokers cast a magnificent glow upon the game. Land at least three Jokers or Super Jokers in a single spin, and you shall be rewarded with an instant prize that shines as brightly as the sun.

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