Slingo Lightning

Lightning fast wins.

Prepare to be electrified by lightning-fast gameplay in the latest edition of Slingo! Embracing its shocking name, Slingo Lightning delivers an exhilarating and high-energy experience, using fewer numbers for lightning-quick action. While traditional Slingo uses 75 bingo balls, Slingo Lightning amps up the tension with just 50, granting players more chances to make electrifying matches and strike numbers off the 5×5 grid. It’s a dazzling new way to play the bolt-iful game! With stormy graphics and electrifying features, you’re sure to catch lightning in a jar…

Get charged up!

As the storm crackles around you, set your stake and spin the slot reel, aiming to zap those numbers off your electrifying 5×5 grid. This sleek version of the game increases your odds of matching numbers, thanks to the reduced ball count. Marking off 5 numbers in a row will send a surge of excitement through you as you claim a prize according to the electrifying paytable. And fear not, for at the end of the game, you can unleash even more spins by purchasing extra chances to reignite the electric storm of winnings!

Flashy Features That’ll Light Up Your World!

Amidst the darkness of the storm, familiar Slingo features may illuminate your reel, striking it with their electrifying presence:

  • Wild: This shocking symbol allows you to zap any number from the row immediately above the reel position where it landed. Consider it a surge of power to clear your path!
  • Super Wild: Prepare for an explosive surge! The Super Wild lets you mark off any number from the entire grid, electrifying your chances of scoring big.
  • Free Spin: Watch as the lightning strikes and gifts you an extra spin, keeping the electrifying momentum alive.
  • Blocker: Oh, the thunderous mischief! The Blocker temporarily hinders potential matches on the grid, but don’t let it dampen your electric spirit. You’ll find a way to overcome it!
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