Slingo Maximus

March to conquest.

A Grand Triumph for the Legions of Slingo

Salve! Slingo Originals have collaborated with Inspired Gaming to bring you the glorious triumph that is Slingo Maximus Soldier of Rome. Follow the eagles of the legions as you spin the slot reel to mark numbers off the 5×5 slingo grid. For every slingo you achieve, your legion will surge forth on the bonus ladder to the left, which can grant you powerful bonuses – bonuses which will cause your enemies to shake in fear. Not all of your enemies will be so cowardly, however, as devils will block the number matches on your grid. Fortuna remains on your side, however, and Jokes act as your loyal auxilia, able to mark off any number from the column. Go forth with sword and shield and charge into Slingo Maximus Soldier of Rome, and remember: Fortuna favours the bold!

Reelus Maximus

When you achieve 5 slingos, you will unlock the Reelus Maximus bonus, which is a 5-reel slot where the first 3 reels are filled with colossal symbols.

Prizes on Parade

Here, you will be joined by 3 legionnaires, each with a shield bearing multipliers. A light will flash across the multiplier amounts on the first shield and, when you hit the ‘stop’ button, you will win the corresponding prize. Should you instead land on the arrow, you’ll advance to the next shield with larger multipliers for ever more glorious wins.

Caesar’s Free Spins

With two reels, Caesar will grant you his genius and aid. Spin the first to grab free spins, then spin the second to get a multiplier which will be applied to your spins. Caesar will continue to lend you aid, however, as Caesar’s Free Spins Red appears further up the bonus ladder with larger numbers of spins and multipliers!

Road to Rome

Continue your march till you reach a board game where you’ll get 5 rolls of the dice. Seize prizes by landing on the different multiplier amounts on the board and, should you follow in the steps of Caesar and march on Rome, you’ll win a magnificent prize! But that’s not all, extra rolls are ripe for the taking should you occupy the dice symbols on the board. Just like Caesar’s Free Spins, this feature comes with a red version with ever grander prizes/

Wild Power Spins

Not only that, but with Wild Power Spins you can conquer 3 power spins, where blocks of wilds are progressively placed on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels. So march on and advance, for the glory of Rome!

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