Slingo Racing

Off to the races!

Hold on tight and get ready to gallop towards thrilling wins in our exhilarating new game, Slingo Racing! Grab one of three magnificent horses before the race begins, then collect multipliers on your chosen track. But neigh, that’s not all! Each track rewards a hoof-tastic jackpot prize if your selected horse crosses the finish line. It’s time to saddle up and dash towards victory!

Hold Your Horses! We’ve Got a Race to Win!

Get ready for a wild ride in this brand-new horse racing-themed extravaganza from Gaming Realms. Players are granted 10 spins to match numbers on the grid, aiming to collect slingos and climb up the pay ladder. The more slingos you gather, the grander the prize that awaits you!

Special Horseplay Symbols:

  • Matching a red, green, or blue number allows you to mark off any corresponding number on the grid and propels the horse of the same color one space forward.
  • Wilds give you the freedom to match any number in the column above where it lands while propelling the corresponding horse one space closer to the finish line.
  • Super Wilds grant you the power to match any number on the grid while swiftly moving the corresponding horse forward.
  • Free Spin symbols reward you with an extra spin, keeping the race exhilaratingly alive!

No Need to Hold Your Horses!

Slingo Racing offers even more opportunities to claim victory. Before the game commences, you’ll pick one of three magnificent horses, collecting multipliers on the track of your choice as you match numbers on the grid. And hold your breath because if your chosen horse successfully gallops to the end of the track, a jackpot will be yours to savour.

Extra Spins – Back in the Saddle!

Once you’ve completed the base game after 10 spins, including any free spins, the excitement doesn’t have to end. You can purchase extra spins to keep riding towards glorious wins. The price for each spin is prominently displayed on the SPIN button, and the final state of the grid will be preserved. Alternatively, you can hit COLLECT or END GAME to claim your well-deserved winnings and gracefully conclude the race.

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