Slingo Reel King

A reel crowd pleaser.

Prepare for a Ding-tastic Adventure!

Get ready for an extraordinary game that’s bound to have you on the edge of your seat! This reel-y incredible game is a perfect fusion of Slingo and the legendary Reel King bonus, delighting fans of both genres. The classic Slingo mechanic takes center stage, rewarding you for completing slingos. But hold on tight because there’s an un-reel cool twist! With each spin, you’ll hear the delightful ‘ding’ sound as each reel starts to spin from left to right. When you’ve heard 5 dings, brace yourself for the Reel King bonus. Reel King symbols will grace the grid, the number of which depends on the bonus level triggered. Each symbol will then spin, revealing a majestic prize that continues until no wins are generated. Ding dong, the fun has just begun!

Start this reel-ly unique experience just like any other Slingo game. Set your stake and aim to match numbers on the reel with those on your electrifying 5×5 grid. Achieving 5 numbers in a row will reward you with a glorious Slingo and a cash prize, as indicated by the paytable. Ker-ding, the winnings are calling your name!

Answer the Ding-ing Call!

You won’t want to miss a single ding in this action-packed game! Above the grid, you’ll find the enchanting Reel King bonus trail, dictating the appearance of Reel King symbols on your grid and the multitude of cash prizes you could win. Brace yourself, as each spin holds the potential for a thrilling ding! Each reel can randomly sound its ding, illuminating a section of the slot reel and lighting up an arrow on the Reel King trail above. Once 5 dings have echoed through the game, the first stage of the Reel King Bonus is triggered, indicating that some-king truly special is on its way! And if you’re lucky enough to hear the maximum of 9 dings, get ready for the highest stage of the bonus: Ultra King!

A delightful number of regal Reel King symbols will grace your grid, spinning their way to award amazing prizes, based on the bonus stage triggered:

  • Reel King: 1-3 symbols
  • Great King: 2-4 symbols
  • Super King: 3-5 symbols
  • Mega King: 4-6 symbols
  • Ultra King: 7-9 symbols

Each level showcases increasingly valuable reels, and every symbol’s spin unveils prizes according to the magnificent paytable:

  • 3x red 7s = x5
  • 3x yellow 7s = x2
  • 3x blue 7s = x1
  • 3x mixed 7s = x0.4

The bonus continues to dazzle until no further wins are generated, and you’ll be awarded the cumulative win amount from the streak. Prepare to be amaze-ding!

Reel-gal Features to Rule Them All!

As you eagerly await those delightful dings and immerse yourself in the thrill of spinning symbols, you may recognize some familiar features that are the crown jewels in the realm of Slingo:

  • Wild: This majestic symbol allows you to mark off any number in the column above where it landed. Consider it your royal decree to clear a path to victory!
  • Super Wild: Brace yourself for an extraordinary surge of power! The Super Wild grants you the ability to mark off any number on the entire grid. It’s a reel-y majestic gift!
  • Free Spin: Let the reels continue their royal dance with a Free Spin, bestowed upon you to keep the momentum going.
  • Blocker: Oh, the cheeky mischief! The Blocker stands as a temporary obstacle, preventing potential number matches on the grid. Fear not, for your royal determination will triumph over any blockade.

Prepare to be captivated by the Ding-tastic adventure that awaits you! Let the dings guide you to glorious wins and revel in the regal excitement of Slingo Reel King.

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