Slingo Reveal

It's a Reveal-ation!

Prepare for a Rev-eal-ing Experience!

Get ready to unveil it all! Call upon your lucky stars in Slingo Reveal, a tantalising twist on the popular Slingo game with a mind-blowing max multiplier of 10,000x your bet! This innovative gameplay combines the excitement of bingo and scratch cards, where achieving a Slingo by marking off 5 numbers in a row reveals a prize. To claim it, you must collect 3 of the same symbol. With the fast and fluid instant-win mechanic, it’s sure to be the experience real money gaming fans are looking for!

Reveal the Magic!

First, set your stake, and then smash that ‘START GAME’ button to kick off the excitement. You’ll be granted 9 spins to match the numbers on the reel with those on the grid. With every successful Slingo, a symbol will be revealed. Collect 3 of the same symbols to claim the prize indicated on the paytable. The path to riches is paved with dazzling reveals!

Familiar Faces with a Reveal Twist!

Our beloved Slingo characters are here, ready to bring their magical touch to the party:

  • Joker: This mischievous trickster marks off any number from the column above, giving you a wink and a nudge on your path to victory.
  • Free Spins: These generous stars gift you with an extra spin, keeping the excitement alive and the reels spinning.
  • Devil: Oh, that little rascal! The Devil blocks potential matches on the grid, but fear not, for your perseverance will prevail!

Re-veal-ish the Opportunity!

Slingo Reveal offers unlimited extra spins, so you can seize the chance to purchase additional opportunities to claim a splendid cash prize. It’s time to embark on a journey of revelations and embrace the thrill of the game. Get ready for a reveal-ly good time!

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