Slingo Royal Rush

A crown jewel.

Pick a Card, Any Card…

Prepare to make a splash with Slingo Royal Rush, where the cards are in your favor! It’s time to unleash your winning hand and dive into this unique twist on the classic Slingo game. Gather your deck and match your poker cards to those on the 5×5 grid, aiming to secure 5 in a row and claim those glorious slingos! But hold onto your hand, because there’s more to this game than meets the eye. With the chance to draw certain poker hands, you have the power to deal out some serious wins! Each slingo you achieve will increase your multiplier as you ascend the win ladder, while poker hands will unlock even more riches. So gather your chips, put on your best poker face, and get ready for a regal rush of wins with Slingo Royal Rush.

Shuffle Twice and Shuffle Well…

Before the game begins, place your bet and tap “DEAL” to witness the mesmerizing shuffle as the cards slide into your reel. You have a total of 10 spins at your disposal to strategically fill out poker hands and mark off the grid. Each slingo you secure will earn you an increased multiplier, drawing you further up the win ladder. Keep your wits about you as you navigate this thrilling card game, a true test of skill and luck.

Ready Your Poker Face

In this underwater casino, you’ll encounter some helpful companions along the way. Say hello to Jokers and Super Jokers, your wild card allies! These characters will mark off any card in the row above (Jokers) or eliminate any card from the entire grid (Super Jokers). And when it comes to creating poker decks, they’re here to lend a helping hand. Watch out for the Free Deal card, which grants you an extra deal to keep the momentum going. But beware the mischievous Devils, who will do their best to block potential matches and challenge your progress.

With the chance to win a massive multiplier of up to 1500 times your initial bet and the option to purchase extra deals at the end of the game, your destiny is truly in your hands in Slingo Royal Rush!

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