Slingo Shark Blitz!

Get ready for a jaw clenching experience.


Get ready to dive into an aquatic adventure like no other with Slingo Shark Blitz! Prepare yourself for a toothy grin as you hit “Start Game” and embark on a deep-sea exploration. Your mission: to strike off numbers on the 5×5 grid and reel in those precious slingos. When you manage to line up 5 numbers, you’ll hook a slingo, propelling you up the win ladder and luring in those fin-tastic wins! And with the chance to land a jaw-dropping 1000 times your bet, along with the option to purchase unlimited extra spins, your forecast is all smooth sailing!

A Hunt in the Sea

Dive into the depths of the sea, my friend, and let the hunt begin! Choose your stake below the win ladder, then press “Start Game” to kick off your nautical adventure. With 11 spins at your disposal, your goal is to reel in as many lines of 5, or slingos, as you can. Each slingo caught will propel you one step higher on the win ladder. And let’s not forget the thrill of potentially winning an incredible 1000 times your bet! Get ready for some blood-pumping action as you navigate the treacherous waters in search of epic wins!

The Predators of the Sea

In the seas of Slingo Shark Blitz, it’s not just the slingos you have to contend with. Beware the predators lurking beneath the surface, ready to challenge your quest for wins:

  • Sharks: These ferocious creatures have the power to block potential matches on the grid.
  • Free Spin Symbols: Consider them life preservers, granting you an extra spin to extend your underwater expedition and increase your chances of success.
  • Super Jokers: These fearless companions will mark off any number from the grid, helping you navigate through the treacherous depths with ease.
  • Coins: Discover instant treasures as these shiny coins reward you with instant casino chips, adding a splash of excitement to your underwater escapade.
  • Joker Bonus: Brace yourself for a wave of rewards! Gather three or more Jokers or Super Jokers on a single spin, and a bountiful of casino chips will be yours to claim.

With all these powerful tools at your disposal and the promise of great rewards amidst the danger-filled sea, it’s no wonder that brave adventurers flock to our grand creation: Slingo Shark Blitz! So, dive in fearlessly, navigate through the depths, and may the waves of fortune carry you towards victory.

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