Slingone Fishin’

You'll be hooked.

Slingoing with the fishes

Prepare to embark on a fin-tastic adventure that will make waves in the gaming world. Get ready to be hooked on this angling extravaganza, as we reel you in with a turtley awesome twist on our flagship game. Cast your hopes upon a starfish and get ready to net some Slingos, because each one you achieve brings home a prize and adds a fishy friend to the grid. But here’s the catch: the value of each fish is randomly determined and increases with every Slingo you complete. And when the fishing rod symbol lands on the pre-game slot reel, it’s time to reel in the big one! One of the fish from the grid is randomly selected, and its prize is yours to claim. So, if you’re ready to make a splash and have a whale of a time, you’ve come to the right plaice.

Any Fin is Possible!

Slingo enthusiasts, listen up! Here’s the reel deal: Spin the slot reel and mark off those numbers on the 5×5 grid, aiming to eliminate 5 numbers in a row and reel in a Slingo. With 10 spins at your disposal, each completed Slingo brings home a prize and adds a charming fish to the grid. But that’s not all, folks! The value of the fish is randomly selected, and as you keep reeling in those Slingos, the value of the fish increases. Keep an eye out for the “Spin” symbol on the pre-game reel, which will spin the main game reel for an extra twist of excitement. And when the Fishing Rod symbol makes a splash, it snags one fish from the grid and rewards you with its precious prize. Even if the Fishing Rod lands without any completed Slingos, fear not! A consolation prize will still be reeled in, ensuring you don’t leave empty-handed.

There’s an Oppor-TUNA-ty!

If you’re hooked and can’t get enough, don’t fret! You have an oppor-TUNA-ty to buy extra spins at the end of the game for an additional cost. Keep your game swimming along smoothly and seize every chance to reel in those wins. Just remember, don’t trout yourself and miss out on the excitement!

Special Symbols that Make a Splash

Keep your eyes peeled for these special symbols that can add a splash of excitement to your angling adventure:

  • Wild: the seagull symbol is wild and allows you to mark off any number from the column above the reel position in which it landed
  • Super Wild: the pink squid is the super wild and lets you mark off any number from the entire grid
  • Free Spin: awards an additional spin
  • Blocker: the old boot symbol prevents number matches on the grid
  • The time is now, get read to hook and bait those wins!
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