Tutan’s Treasure

The Mummy Spinner.

Discover this ancient spinner

Grab your torch and venture forth into the eerie depths of Tutan’s tombs. These ancient Egyptian crypts hold incredible riches. But beware! Many bold adventurers have met their untimely demise in pursuit of these precious gems. Will you outshine those who came before you?

Tutan’s Treasure is a true hidden gem, offering a fresh twist to instant games. Prepare to be fully immersed in an enchanting experience where you can customize your own destiny by choosing the treasures you seek. Discover all the gems of your chosen path, and you’ll be rewarded with a dazzling cash prize. Let the excavation begin, dear tomb raider…

Summon the Mummified Magic

Behold, there are five magnificent artefacts you can search for when playing this captivating game. And you can choose the artefact you are after. To adjust the thrill factor, simply click the arrows next to each win line. Some paths are more challenging to complete, but fear not, for they also offer grander rewards. Once you’ve set your stake, give the spin button a mighty push and commence your epic treasure hunt. During the five spins granted, match the treasures on the reels with those on the grid. And if by the grace of Ra, you manage to unearth all the required gems, an astonishing cash prize shall be bestowed upon you!

Unearth Extra Spins

When your initial five spins have been used, fret not, brave explorer! You will have the opportunity to buy extra spins, furthering your chances to unearth wondrous treasures and claim glittering cash rewards. May the luck of the ancient pharaohs be with you!

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